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Please look at me, Maria. The age difference really doesn't matter to me...and I NEVER said you were trashy.

It was your typical smoke break - Alice and the others were huddled together discussing in hushed and not-so-hushed voices and tones that they just couldn't believe that that thing had happened...AGAIN. Al and Paul stood off to the side gazing into the middle distance exchanging comments about the weather, independent and strong, but longing for connection and vulnerability. Josie was thinking about lunch.

The date wasn't going very well. They were just too different.

For the first time in nearly ten years, the Gascanne family were gathered in one place, some coming from as far away as Davenport. And were they going to paint the town! Starting with a boat ride on the river. The children were advised to empty out before boarding so they would float better in the unlikely event of an accident.

NOOOOO!!! Don't do it, Harris! DON'T JUMP!

Everybody stopped and stared at the flashy couple getting on the next elevator.


Everybody uncomfortably tried to pretend that Benny and Grace weren't "going at it" around the corner.

The plants were slowly closing in on Alphonse...looking at him with predatory eyes.

Ralph couldn't think of a better moment to get down on his knees to ask Gloria to marry him.

"We'll be right back." they had told Burt...but Burt suspected they had forgotten they had asked him to hold the metal plate up against the wall.

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